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A writer will always be one!!!


It’s been a while since I last wrote something on my blog and as a writer, I feel I have been doing myself and my fans a huge disservice. I hope time permitting and with the ever interesting developments in South Africa, one is tempted to spare a few minutes to him/herself and reflect on such issues. One among the hot topics is that on the new immigration regulations recently introduced, i.e the introduction of visas, the gazetting of critical skills categories and everything surrounding immigration. I should say the new regulations have left many foreigners panicking and with lots of questions. I have a feeling most people I have had this conversation with would just pack their bags and leave because they do not understand the whole process. Most people I have been in conversation with Wish the Ministry responsible could clarify on such issues as where the applications can be made, contact details etc. Let’s hope someone will give a much clearer explanation of the process, where to make applications, what is involved and what is required for a layman like myself.


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