Blogging, a new era ushered!

Blogging: A new dispensation across the globe!!!

Critical thought on blogging
eff bloggers.png

In the beginning, blogs were more of diaries on the internet.  People could reflect on their thoughts and express their feelings – but this has become a thing of the past as blogs have become a huge source of information and a major communication tool.


Many news organizations across the globe have seen the importance of using blogs to reach out to their audience.  Blogs have become a platform for serious and critical debates on ranging topics from politics to soci0-economic issues.  They are now theme based and topical.  Some organizations can now create websites from blogs and this has really made their work easy.


Readers can input into the discussions on blogs and can add comments, they can interact with each other and this can be done easily, cheaply and quickly.  There are tools readers can access on blog sites such as links, images, comments, videos among other things.

Yes she can do it!!!!

An Effective blogger

In order to be an effective blogger, one needs to have a multiple skills that include but not limited to photography, writing, editing, video recording, sound recording and editing.  In blogging, one has the chance to tell their story or share with others in the best and unique manner they feel like or choose hence the need for various skills as noted.

Gone are the days when journalists were specialized for instance in print media or broadcasting.  Now it is time to embrace change and the new order for one to be a better communicator.


Most importantly blogs have to be updated regularly to remain relevant!

Listen to an interesting video on where Suzanne Rhodes explains fully what blogging is. Enjoy


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